On Creating Something Real

I recently submitted my first app to the Pebble smartwatch app store. This is the first time I've made something that other people can use and download. I've made a lot of smaller projects before, but nothing that was polished enough that I felt others should use it.

About a year ago I made a goal to make larger projects, projects that people would actually want to use. I've made a lot of "toy projects", small projects that I used to teach me a technology. I wanted to get away from this habit, I want to make things that I'm proud of and I want to use. Clicking the button to submit my app was a weird feeling. I was putting my work out there for everyone to read and criticize.

It's empowering creating something for other's to use. It feels like you've contributed to other's lives.

You can download my App on the Pebble App Store!